Gaming platform

The future has arrived! Almost any internet user can now become a game developer without having any programming skills, just by using ChatGPT-like technologies to create mini-games in a matter of days.

Powered by the fastest and most cost-effective EVM blockchain, the Metagarden Gaming Platform offers game developers the easiest way to seamlessly integrate crypto, NFTs and smart contracts into their games. Developers will also be able to release their own game tokens or use popular ones, and easily integrate a simple custom wallet with crypto deposits and withdrawals for the players.

What's important. Players won't have to deal with any blockchain mumbo jumbo like Meta Mask, gas for transactions, unlocks, permissions and other confusing stuff.

Metagarden Chain

We are on track to launch over 100 crypto games for Telegram in 2023-2024

Metagarden game Lucky Miner

Lucky Miner

Metagarden game Wonder


Metagarden game Snatch


Metagarden game Perfect City NFT

Perfect City NFT

Metagarden game Carrots Mafia
Coming soon

Carrots Mafia

Metagarden game Chess
Coming soon


Metagarden game Squid Game 456
Coming soon

Squid Game 456

Metagarden game Poker (DAO)
Coming soon

Poker (DAO)

Metagarden game Hackito
Coming soon