MEGA is the gas token that enables the work of the gaming EVM blockchain (Metagarden Сhain) and a utility token of the Metagarden platform, a play-to-earn platform with mini-games. The MEGA plays a key role in the functioning of the blockchain and its gaming platform.

Metagarden Chain tokenomics

Utility for EVM Blockchain


Blockchain transaction fees

All blockchain transactions will be paid in MEGA.


In a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain, token holders delegate their tokens to blockchain validators, who are responsible for validating transactions and creating new blocks.


To update the blockchain, validators use voting power, which is the calculation of tokens delegated to them by blockchain participants.

Utility for Play-to-Earn Platform


Influencer Reward

The payment of prizes and rewards for various useful actions taken on the Platform, including actions taken off the Platform to promote the Project, as well as referral rewards.


Platform users with over 100 miners can receive royalties from all Platform games for 2 years.

Staking Token

Players can gain additional privileges on the Platform for staking MEGA.

Hodl Reward

When players have MEGA on their game balance, they can receive rewards on the balance at a fixed rate.

Farming Token

MEGA is a token that is required to participate in the liquidity programmes set up by the game developers.


Unified Game Token

If the game does not have its own token, MEGA is used to pay for the game rounds presented on the mini-game Platform.

Hit Launching (voting for games)

It is the MEGA miners who receive voting VOTES tokens. These tokens select the most promising games and entitle them to airdrops and discounts of up to 99% before launch.

Payment for Game Elements

Users will be able to purchase various game elements, such as NFTs, boosts, loot boxes, in-game art, and more for MEGA.

The DAO Governance

Through the MEGA and its mining process, governance tokens VOTES are issued. VOTES tokens are used to make decisions about the development and promotion of the platform.

Cross-Game Reputation

Using the MEGA, we'll be able to assess the player's involvement on the Platform, get proof of their reputation on the Platform, which will be recorded on the blockchain and broadcast for all games on the Platform, and also visible and provable to all users of this information.

Cross-Game Liquidity

Through the MEGA, the tokens of the mini-games presented on the Platform can be exchanged with a maximum of liquidity. With the MEGA, users can play any game on the Platform, even those in which other tokens are used. The exchange within the Platform is organised with maximum simplicity and profit.


DAO commission

1% to 10% of the commission from all game rounds will be collected and sent to the Platform's Decentralised Autonomous Organisation for Project development and promotion.

Liquidity Pools

When new games are launched on the Platform, their developers will provide liquidity to their tokens by creating a pool with MEGA.


Platform players will be able to pledge their MEGA as collateral for other assets and game elements. It will also be possible to use the MEGA pledge to obtain assets in other blockchains of the user's choice (USDT, BNB, ETH, BTC).

Launch Fee

At the launch of each new game on the Platform, a fixed number of MEGA will be burned.

Buyback and Burn

MEGA are burned after each game round. This ensures a deflationary tokenomics model.


Platform players can use MEGA to insure the outcome of rounds and receive compensation if defeated.


Total number of tokens1,000,000,000
Early Access Campaign1%

The MEGA token is represented on several blockchains:

We issued MEGA tokens on Ethereum↗ and BNB Smart Chain↗ for those who want to buy the Metagarden Chain tokens before the Mainet launch.

The starting price of the MEGA token was $1.

Buy tokens

Allocation vision

As a development team, we strongly believe that the gaming EVM blockchain and play-to-earn platform we are building has a strong proposition and promising market value as we observe the development of web3 space. We have decided to withhold 99% of the token supply in order to program a robust development of the project. We are considering three main areas that will help us achieve success for the project and our tokens are planned to be used in these areas.

and development