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Over 1 million successful transactions.
And we are just getting started...

In order to deliver the best decentralisation, speed and fees for our crypto games we use the power of 5 sovereign blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Metagarden Chain, Minter and TON.

Poker Hero

Poker Hero is an online poker game with RPG elements. You will be able to play as different characters that have their own unique design, levels and game currency. Heroes can be upgraded, traded or sold, and they can be won from your opponents. You can challenge your friends or take part in big tournaments and win prizes.

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Pig hackers rob a piggy bank! Exciting multiplayer game where players can grab big money by committing the heist of the century. Intuitive interface, interesting gameplay, great hyper-casual crypto game when you have a spare moment.



Win, collect, and sell unique NFTs found in various WanderBoxes!

Various collections will be added to the game. Each NFT in the collection has its own number, name, unique description, and rarity: simple, rare, epic, legendary, and the coolest - mythical!



You are in a bunker with safe deposit boxes. Each box contains cash that you can steal. Crack the locks with the lockpicks. Steal what's inside. But be careful! There are other skilled snatchers in the bunker with you!


Lucky Miner

Become a miner of METAGARDEN tokens. It's an exciting process in the form of a game. You'll be receiving daily rewards with many other bonuses.

We are on track to launch over 100 crypto games for Telegram in 2023-2024

Why Telegram

  • The best messenger
  • 700M user base
  • Great virality tools
  • Ability to launch games in a single tap
  • Top security and privacy

Why We

We are highly skilled blockchain and DeFi developers
We’ve built 2 sovereign blockchains that work perfectly
We are finishing tests for the Metagarden Chain, the fastest Layer 1 EVM-compatible blockchain designed for gaming
We are constantly developing new crypto games and DeFi apps

Gaming Platform

Try out the first play-to-earn Metagarden platform games. By the end of 2023, we plan to launch more than 100 mini-games from different developers. The games presented are in alpha status and can be played from a single Telegram bot, so you can easily switch between them without leaving your favorite messenger.

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Our Team

Lead Blockchain Developer, Co-Founder. Responsible for the Metagarden Chain core. Daniil is a highly qualified blockchain developer with a total of 14 years of general development experience and 7 years of specialized experience in blockchain development.

Product Manager, Co-Founder. Venture investor and Bitcoin evangelist since 2013, Evgeny is the pioneer creator of multiple projects in the fields of online advertising, mobile apps, Big Data, and currently blockchain.

Designer, Co-Founder. Having over 17 years of experience in UX and graphic design, he is behind the whole visual part of our projects, including branding, user interface, usability, and function.

Tech Lead, Front-End Developer. All things web3—crypto wallets, protocols, cross-chain solutions, web3 security. Highly qualified DeFi developer with a total of 7 years of general development experience and 4 years of specialized experience in DeFi development.

Back-End Developers. Works on micro-services, explorer, cross-chain integrations and APIs. 18 years of development experience, including 5 years in blockchain and DeFi services.

Blockchain Developer. Works on cross-chain solutions, web3 protocols, Telegram bots, smart contracts. 10 years in backend, 6 in blockchain. Has a degree in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Project Manager. 15 years of experience in project management and digital marketing. Has worked for a variety of large companies and brands. Holds a degree in Global Economics.

Marketing Specialist. With more than 12 years of experience in the digital marketing field, he is responsible for the marketing strategy, partnerships and advertising campaigns.


Expected in 2023-2024

  • To launch over 100 crypto games for Telegram
  • Metagarden Chain mainnet launch
  • Smart Contract Builder
  • Cross-game tools
  • Rapid launch of game projects
  • API & SDK for developers
  • Game platform launch
  • Non-castodial wallet launch

Implemented in 2022

Smart wallets

This is a user's personal address in EVM networks, making it easier to work with DeFi services. Its main function is to facilitate interaction with different blockchains.

Cross-chain Transfers

Decentralized transfer of tokens between blockchains. Oracles lock coins in one network and issue "mirrored" versions in another.

Cross-chain exchanges

The ability to decentrally exchange a token in one network for another token in another network. For example, BNB (BEP-20) to USDT (ERC-20).


A simple low-cost issuance of NFTs.

Smart contracts

Fast and cheap deployment of smart contracts of any complexity.

Gasless deposits

Ability to make transfers without having to pay fees in the network's native coin (such as ETH or BNB).